Heat Duo 1" Copper Round Brush

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Unleash your creativity & achieve stunning styles with our most advanced dual copper & ceramic round brush technology paired with a superior design.

Type: 1" Round

Finish: Copper x Ceramic

Product details

Main Features

Copper x Ceramic Barrel
• Heats up 3X faster than a leading copper brush
• Retains and distributes heat evenly – no hot spots
• Negative ions break down water molecules for faster drying
Double Ionic Technology
• Smooths frizz and fly aways
• Seals cuticle and locks in moisture for smooth styles and healthy shine
Polished Wave Bristles
• Strong tension yet gentle on hair and scalp
• Heat resistant to 400°F
Double Injection Cushion Handle
• Rotates smoothly and grips easily even with wet hands
• Allows for comfortable all day use through natural hand position and lightweight design

Best Use For


Care Instructions

Daily: use brush cleaning tool to remove excess hair and debris from brush

Regularly: Deep clean in warm water with gentle brush cleanser.
Lay flat to dry
Product Tutorial: Heat Duo Round Brush

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Heat Duo 1" Copper Round Brush