Venture 5.75” Hair Cutting Shear

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Venture ahead on your creative journey with our clear handle hair cutting shears for basic trims and bangs.


Main Features

Beveled Blade
Long-lasting and more nick resistant
Microserrated edge
Grips hair and prevents it from pushing forward
Ice tempered
Japanese steel
Opposing handle
Suitable for cutting with middle finger
Rockwell Hardness
Level: 1 out of 3
Clear & matte silver

Best Used For

Easy cutting and trimming techniques and at home use


Wipe with a soft towel between clients and at the end of the day.
When needed lubricate with a drop of oil to lubricate the screw and pivot.
Open and close the shears, and add 2-3 more drops of oil to the pivot to draw out any debris.

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Venture 5.75” Hair Cutting Shear