Runway Inspired Bangs

Clients with fine hair love this dramatic A-line bob. If they don't want to commit to full-time bangs, offer them a clip-in piece instead--a great add-on service perfect to promote around the holidays and for special occasion looks.

Step 1: Section off the hair from the highpoint to the recession point on each side, and comb straight down. Using the comb, gather just the midsection and elevate slightly. Cut straight across to create the cutting line.

Step 2: Moving to the client’s left side, freehand cut the fringe to meet your guide and create the weight line. Repeat on the other side.

Step 3: Starting on the client’s right, use a cutting comb to lift a section to slight elevation, without tension. Point cut ends of fringe to lighten weight at perimeter.

Step 4: Moving across the entire section, use your shears to lighten the ends by texturizing from below for a feathered, texturized look.

Step 5: Clean up any stray hairs for a finished look.