ProGlide 7.5" Basin Comb

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A must-have flexible and smooth-gliding comb for cutting, sectioning, styling and wet detangling.

Product details

Main Features

Silicone Infused
Super smooth gliding action with no snagging
Ceramic Infused
Anti-static and heat resistant to 350°F
Flexible Teeth
Gentle on hair and scalp
Sectioning Tooth
Easy parting and sectioning
Comfortable all day use

Best Used For

Wet detangling

Care Instructions

To Clean
Use the F2009 Fromm Brush and Comb Cleaner to remove excess hair and debris from comb.
To Wash and Dry
Occasionally deep clean in warm water with the F2009 Fromm Brush and Comb Cleaner and lay flat to dry.

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ProGlide 7.5" Basin Comb