Intuition Boar Bristle Brush

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Get a glossy finish with this everyday boar bristle brush.

Previously: 1907 by Fromm Glosser Paddle

Type:  Boar Bristle Brush

Finish: Ceramic

Product details


Premium Boar Bristles
Rids hair shaft of hidden dust & debris
Porcupine Bristle
Longer pins massage scalp while shorter bristles add tension
Cushion Base
Reduces tugging to protect hair & scalp
glossy finish
Distributes oils from scalp along hair strand for natural shine

Best Use For

Smooth & Silky Hair

Care Instructions

Wash + Dry
Regularly deep clean in warm water with gentle brush cleanser. Lay flat to dry.
Daily Cleaning
Use brush cleaning tool to remove excess hair & debris from brush.

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Intuition Boar Bristle Brush