Intuition 1.5" Square Thermal Brush

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Achieve modern styles with this unique square shaped thermal brush.


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Main Features

Ceramic Coated
• Heats up faster and holds heat longer
• Retains and distributes heat evenly – no hot spots
• Negative ions break down water molecules for faster drying
Ionic Technology
• Smooths frizz and fly aways
• Seals cuticle and locks in moisture for smooth styles and healthy shine
Polished Waved Bristles
• Strong tension yet gentle on hair and scalp
• Heat resistant to 425°F

Best Used For

Styling with a blow dryer
Use flat side for straight styles
Use edges to create a modern wave or bend

Care Instructions

To Clean
Use the F2009 Fromm Brush Cleaner to remove excess hair and debris from brush.
To Wash and Dry
Occasionally deep clean in warm water with the F2009 Fromm Brush Cleaner and lay flat to dry.
Product Tutorial: Intuition Collection

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Intuition 1.5" Square Thermal Brush