Elite Flexer Detangling Vent Brush

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Frizz-free, damage-free & bacteria-free wet detangling vent brush.

Type: Vent Brush

Finish: Ceramic x Ionic

    Product details

    Main Features

    Gentle on Hair & Scalp
    Flexible pins avoid tugging & breakage
    Anti-static ceramic-infused pins
    Smooths frizz + flyaways
    Flexible vented base
    Adjusts to your head shape
    Ultra-lightweight design
    For comfortable all-day use

    Best Use For

    Wet Detangling
    Breaking Up Curls

    Care Instructions

    Wash + Dry
    Regularly deep clean in warm water with gentle brush cleanser. Lay flat to dry.
    Daily Cleaning
    Use brush cleaning tool to remove excess hair & debris from brush.

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