Elite Flexer Vent Brush

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Ceramic-infused cushion-less wet detangling vent brush.

    Product details


    Main Features

    Avoid tugging and breakage and are gentle on hair and scalp
    Anti-static ceramic-infused pins
    Smooths frizz and flyaways
    Flexible vented base
    Adjusts to your head shape
    Ultra lightweight design
    For comfortable all day use

    Best Used For

    Wet detangling
    Breaking up curls

    Care Instructions

    To Clean
    Use the F2009 Fromm Brush Cleaner to remove excess hair and debris from brush.
    To Wash and Dry
    Occasionally deep clean in warm water with the F2009 Fromm Brush Cleaner and lay flat to dry.

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    Elite Flexer Vent Brush