Dare 5.75” Hair Cutting Shear

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Be as bold as you Dare with our edgy matte black hair cutting shears with meticulously precise cutting performance for the most advanced cutting techniques.


2 Piece

Main Features

Semi-Convex Blade
For enhanced sharpness; smooth, quiet run
Cutting Edge
Hollow ground, hand-honed finish for a razor sharp edge
Steel Type
Superior ice tempered Japanese steel
Offset and Craned Handle
Designed for the most natural and ergonomic hand and elbow position
Rockwell Hardness
Level: 3 out of 3
Matte black

Best Used For

Advanced techniques requiring a sharp edge and precision like point cutting


Wipe with a soft towel between clients and at the end of the day.
When needed lubricate with a drop of oil to lubricate the screw and pivot.
Open and close the shears, and add 2-3 more drops of oil to the pivot to draw out any debris.

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Dare 5.75” Hair Cutting Shear