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Artist Spotlight

Moni Sebestyen




Moni Sebestyen works in the Bay Area and LA, where she specializes in color, extensions, cutting, and makeup. She has worked on celebrities, red carpets, TV, print, weddings and more, and she loves making people feel confident!!  


  • Words I live by...... “Closed mouths never get fed.” If you don’t ask or put yourself out there, you will never know what’s possible. If the answer is no, at least I know I asked, rather than not knowing what could’ve been.

  • Reasons I love my job? There are multiple reasons but the top one is I love making people feel good about themselves. It’s the most rewarding feeling when someone comes to you and tells you how much they love their hair. Because to me the first thing people see is hair!  

  • A goal that lights me up? Being a role model for my daughter. Showing her it’s ok to step outside the box, to take a chance in life and do something you LOVE.

  • If you could style any celebrity’s hair, who would it be and why? Kim Kardashian, JLo or Kylie Jenner, because not only do I like them, but I love that they are always doing something different and creating new trends. It would be fun to get creative and see what trends we could set.